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What’s keeping you from developing and deploying the customer references you need to close deals, generate leads, and improve brand awareness? In answering that question, don’t fall into the “ready, fire, aim” trap.

Often the answers aren’t obvious. We’ll help you uncover your obstacles with our diagnostic tools so that you can develop goals and objectives based on your starting point, giving them the best chance to succeed.

For more information, please contact Bill Lee.

Having enough references

Having the right references
Lack of references or reference content causing loss of sales.

No logical tiering of key-customer relationships.
Significant reference "gaps" in key market segments.

Top tier customers identified but not engaged
Reference requirements for existing markets being met. Extensive reference coverage in existing and new markets, and for new product launches.
Getting the right reference in the right form to the right person at the right time Sales, AR, PR etc. must frequently search for references. Reference requests being met--but often with slow, labor intensive "butler service." Most reference requests being met reasonably well, but tracking and measurement is poor. Rapid delivery of high-impact customers and content when and where needed.
Leveraging key-customer relationships No overall key-customer engagement strategy.

Little implementation of important customer inputs.
Some key-customer relationships are being built, but in ad hoc way with no systematized process. Top-tier customers are engaged in reference, CAB, EAB, co-design, social marketing, etc efforts--but with little integration. Holistic, one-touch customer engagement strategy that provides high mutual-value.


For more information, please contact Bill Lee.