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I want to personally thank you for the work you do. Your "Marketing is Dead" article has had a profound impact on how the marketing leadership at SMART views the work I do.

Deena Zenyk, Program Manager, Global Customer Advocacy Programs, SMART Technologies

Marketing is Dead

One of the most read and commented articles in the history of the Harvard Business Review blog network, it makes the case that customer reference, advocacy and community initiatives will increasingly displace traditional marketing initiatives.

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Customer Reference Programs at The Tipping Point

Buyers increasingly expect to check with their peers before they'll purchase from a company — using social media, peer communities,...

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5 Things Customers Can Do Better Than You

An eye opening take on several important ways in which customers are better at marketing, selling and even developing products than you are.

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Turn a C-level Customer Into Your Most Valuable Reference

In any industry, selling to a C-level executive buyer is often a cause for celebration. Senior executive customers tend to...

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Solving Facebook's Customer Advocacy Challenge, and Yours

One of the most enticing possibilities for Facebook is helping businesses identify, cultivate and leverage customer advocates among its billion...

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Turn Your Company into a Customer Platform

The idea that customers can't or shouldn't participate much in the innovation process is one barrier to creativity that companies...

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