2014 Summit on Customer Engagement
February 25-26, Redwood City, CA

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  • February 25-26, 2014

    Sofitel Hotel, Redwood City, CA USA
    Just south of San Francisco
    Opening reception Monday, February 24, 7 pm

    Our Theme: The Other 90 Percent
    Like our smart phones and laptops, companies use only 10 percent of the immense capabilities of their customer references and advocates. The 2014 Summit is about tapping all their capabilities.

    Who’s Attending
    Customer reference and advocacy professionals from top firms around the world—large and small—will be attending the 2014 Summit, including GE Health Care, Siemens, Box, Amazon Web Services, 3M Health Information Systems, Plantronics, Ariba, Intel, Landesk, VCE, Cisco, NetApp, SAP, EMC, Alcatel-Lucent, JDA Software, Oracle, Epicor, Dell, Ceridian, Neustar, Ariba and many others.

    Getting Budget to Attend

    Here's what makes us different, and why your investment in attending the Summit will reap high-value returns. ››

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    Summit Theme: The OTHER 90%


    • "There's really nothing I've seen like it in the country."

      Lisa Arthur,
      Teradata Applications

    • "Wonderful conference! I can honestly say it changed my life."

      Beth Gallob,
      Marketing Communication,

    • "It is just great to hear about different perspectives, approaches and best practices and know that you aren't alone out there!"

      Kathy Mims
      Senior Consultant, Marketing,
      Global Customer Advocacy Program
      Verizon Business

    • "This was my first Summit and delivered great value for the time I spent—and the 22 hours' flying time from the UK. I am having trouble prioritizing which of the many great ideas I am going to implement in my program."

      Barbara Jenkins,

    • "Coming from the point of view at a startup where everything is moving so quickly and you get burnt out, it was great to take a minute to stop and think about the program. I can actually say the Summit on Customer Engagement has made it possible for me to create a reference program."

      Charlotte Lilley,
      Customer Programs Manager,
      Box (formerly Box.net)

    • "This is a very worthwhile conference and I have always recommended it. It is well organized, informative, and attendees are all friendly and willing to share. There are no competitors, only peers looking to be better at what we do."

      Ignacio Lalana,
      Reference Program Manager,

    • "Very worth the investment in time and budget. I always come away from the event with a new motivation level, new ideas, and an invigorated passion for my profession and a heightened respect for those of us in this field."

      Jeanne Talbot,
      Senior Customer Communications Manager,
      Lexmark International, Inc.

    • "Excellent few days. Really glad I attended. Looking forward to seeing the presentations online and getting more involved with the group."

      Kelly Moran,
      Business Development & Relationship Manager,
      Fieldglass, Inc.

    • "I learned a lot, was inspired, and came back with information about additional tools and options. Well organized."

      Mary Colliard,
      Corporate Marketing Manager,
      Epicor Software

    • "Anyone involved with customer references would benefit from this Summit."

      Steve Kirtley,
      Customer Reference Program Manager,
      Software AG

    • "I say this every time—it's the networking! It's great to be able to meet with peers and colleagues and exchange ideas."

      Tami Andrews
      Voice of the Customer Reference Manager, Dell, Inc.

    • "The ability to network with peers was as important (maybe even a little more) as the presentations."

      Heidi Gilmore
      Customer Reference Manager, MathWorks

    • "The value was unbelievable. If we'd had this knowledge when we first started, we'd be in a better place today."

      Vicki Cooney
      VP Market Development,

    • "As a first-time attendee, the conference was very helpful. My colleague and I made several contacts that will help us and we look forward to implementing a few ideas we picked up!"

      Kristen Martin
      Manager, Marketing Programs,
      Blackbaud, Inc.

    • "It was a terrific conference! I look forward to attending it again."

      Mary Olian
      Customer Marketing Manager,
      IBM Information Management
      Information Platform Solutions

    • "Think this year was the best, really enjoyed the format and best practices shared, great networking as well."

      Lara McGurk
      Program Manager,
      Sun Microsystems

    • "The interaction and enthusiasm was contagious. Everyone was very open and willing to help each other and share knowledge."

      Elana Price
      Reference Program Manager,

    • "Everyone had such a great attitude of sharing and not competitive."

      Becky Roberts
      Senior Customer Reference Manager,

    • "As usual, fantastic event. The growth in attendees is a testament to the value of this event for reference professionals, with great networking and open exchange throughout the conference. Thanks!"

      Kristin Hofstede
      Manager, Customer Marketing Programs,