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Bill has spoken to audiences for Forrester Research, the International Advertising Association (IAA), the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), the Net Promoter Annual Summit (U.S.), the Business Marketing Association, the American Marketing Association, the Social Media Club and others. His content is original and provocative, based on his groundbreaking book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012).

Most Popular Topics

"The Hidden Wealth of Customers: And How to Uncover It"


Bill speaks on the Hidden Wealth of Customers

Bill Speaks on Return on Relationship® to the Customer Reference Forum

Bill's keynote on 'Is Marketing Dead?' at the International Advertising Assn Global Summit in New York

Bill shows how to maximize Return on Relationship® in order to mine the full value of customer relationships. Audiences learn that purchasing is just one way—and often not the most lucrative way—that customers create wealth for your firm.

Audiences will learn:
  • The 8 value points customers can provide to a firm—and why most firms harvest only one or two.
  • Inspiring real-world case studies of how leading firms are harvesting returns in these other areas.
  • How to engage customers in a community of value that transcends the buying experience.
  • Where to stop wasting customer development resources.
  • How to create triage with your customers to invest the most in those customers who will return the most.
  • How to get started on reinventing customer relationships today.

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"How to Change the World"

A speech for both corporations and nonprofits.

Corporations, governments and nonprofits are facing a new world. The traditional model of hiring experts to develop, market and sell solutions to customers or beneficiaries is giving way to a world in which organizations engage their customers increasingly to do these for them. The result is much more effective solutions—whether cloud-based software, foreign assistance or cultural shifts—developed and delivered much less expensively.

Specific real-world examples include getting teens to stop smoking; increasing productivity of poor African farmers; developing a cloud-based enterprise software firm that successfully challenges entrenched, multi-billion dollar competitors; fomenting successful revolutions against tyrants; penetrating new markets in unfamiliar, developing countries; and more.

Audiences will learn:

  • Why marketing in the 21st century will be about creating social norms—or "peer influence."

  • What organizations must do to make this switch.

  • The key factors needed to create peer influence.

  • Inspiring case studies showing how corporations, nonprofits and governments are making this switch and achieving dramatic—world-changing—results..

  • How to go from "telling and selling" customers or beneficiaries what to do, to hiring them to do it for themselves while growing your organization.

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"The Coming Customer Revolution"

Customers worldwide are on the verge of revolutionizing their relationships with the companies they do business with. Your firm's customers have unprecedented access to information, unprecedented ability to communicate with each other, and an unprecedented array of options for meeting their needs. I'll show your audience what to expect in the next five years and how to see it not as a threat, but as the major opportunity it is.

Audiences will learn:

  • Why customers are on the verge of revolutionizing their relationships with your business.
  • How this revolution will play out in the next five years.
  • Why this presents a historic opportunity for your business—and how to position yourself to capitalize on it.
  • Inspiring examples of companies that are already fostering such revolutions—and reaping the rewards for doing so.
  • 5 ways in which the customer value proposition is radically changing.
  • 7 reasons why customers want to engage more with you, and how these can translate into rich new sources of revenue.
  • How companies will maximize Return on Relationship® with their customers in the new world.
  • How to get started on reinventing customer relationships today.

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"The Death and Rebirth of Social Media"

Bill shows why "social media strategies" don't work and can't work. Focusing on social media tools sinks well-intended efforts to engage with customers. The focus should be on building community—that's the key to successful and lucrative customer engagement.
Audiences will learn:

  • Why "social media strategies" don't work and can't work.
  • How to put the most important "social"—your customers—into your social media initiatives.
  • Inspiring examples showing how companies engage customers in a community of value that transcends the buying experience.
  • Master Bill Lee's Community Gravity approach to create vibrant, engaged communities of passionate customers.
  • How the website of the future will attract, educate, engage with buyers, and help turn them into long-term customers.

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"Building C-Level Customer Relationships"

For B2B firms, engaging with C-level customers can be exceptionally rewarding: they have larger budgets, can move quickly, and are less price-sensitive than lower-level buyers—if you can provide results. Bill shows audiences how to get to the C-suite buyer and stay there. For many firms, it's easier than they think.

Audiences will learn:

  • Why C-level customers want to engage more closely with you than you think.
  • How to make the leap from selling products to mid-level buyers to selling solutions to senior executive buyers.
  • How to create high-value forums that C-level customers and prospects will clamor to join.
  • How to harvest maximum benefit from C-level relationships.
  • How to get started on building these relationships today.

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For more information contact Bill by clicking here or calling +1 469-726-2651.