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Bill Lee and Customer Reference Forum offer two workshops to help you build and leverage one of your most powerful assets: customers who will promote you.  Practical, high-impact, short term successes. That’s our focus, in order to establish the momentum you’ll need to maximize your  Return on Relationship™ with customers.

Building a Just-In-Time Reference Capability

Few things will accelerate sales, lead generation and branding like the ability to have the right customer reference, in the right form, at the right place , at the right time. We’ll help your reference team develop high-impact goals and a rapid implementation plan to get there.

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Bringing Customers Into Your Social Media And Lead Generation Efforts

As a source of decision making for buyers, social media is exploding. For sellers, it’s an inexpensive medium for getting your message out. And social media sites, whether yours or others you want to participate in, are starved for good content. Your customers can fill that gap. What are you doing to get them into the conversation? This is the next great marketing and branding opportunity. We’ll help you start leveraging it now.

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Customized Workshops

What aspect of your customer relationships are you not harvesting? Customers can play critical roles in:

  • Lead generation (word of mouth, community and social networking participation, marketing content),
  • Sales (references, referrals, testimonials),
  • PR (high-credibility interviews and stories),
  • AR (compelling evidence),
  • Product development (customer co-design),

. . . and much more. We  can help selected teams develop high-impact plans to start drilling for these.

For more information, please contact Bill Lee.