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Workshop: Bringing Customers Into Your Social Media And Lead Generation Efforts

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As a source of decision making for buyers, the internet is exploding. For sellers, it's an inexpensive medium for getting your message out. And social media sites—whether yours or others you want to participate in--are starved for good content. Given the right forums and delivery mechanisms, your customers can fill that gap. What are you doing to get them into the conversation?

This is the next great marketing and branding opportunity. We'll help you start leveraging it now.

Intended Audience

Selected, cross functional team from your customer reference, social media, marketing and possibly sales teams.

Outcomes and Results

We'll help you select the right cross functional team for this workshop and then energize them by developing a plan to bring powerful customer content into this increasingly important area of marketing and lead generation.

In particular, we'll help them:

  • Identify gaps in your lead generation and social media content that can be effectively filled with higher-credibility customer content.
  • Identify and create customer content that is most effective with buyers and prospects.
  • Develop a system to create, repurpose, and deliver content where and when needed.
  • Measure impact in order to keep improving lead generation, branding and other results.

A critical part of our value add is to bring knowledge of relevant practices, processes, and tools from the Customer Reference Forum community of reference professionals—the largest in the world. We can also provide direct, personal access for your team to leading practitioners from our database of more than 1,000 reference and other customer engagement professionals.

For more information, please contact Bill Lee.